Metanioa:The Evolution of Time

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Are you conscious?

Warning: These writings contain the meaning of life. Which actually, just so you know this isn’t a scam; is to have your time. To find out what I mean by that, I recommend you read thru this!

We cover the physics and philosophy of it all. Yet don’t be scared off by this, hopefully at just enough depth to explain it all. Well at least we’ll hopefully all get some insight into it, it's complicated to come up with a 'Theory of Everything', even if it all just turns out to be time (WTF?!). So come travel inwards with me.

What's the point of this site?[edit]

Evolution: It's quite simple really, I want this book to keep evolving, just like everything in life. Written by the People; for the People. Why is it a religion?

and here's a fractal.. because they are awesome.[edit]

Fractals are awesome!