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So at this time it was probably the end of year 9 (I was about 14/15 years old). Extension studies physics was coming to an end, and at this stage I knew about quarks ‘n stuff, stuff that I will not be going into, but it is fascinating so go watch some documentaries about physics if you enjoyed that. Also on philosophy, fascinating stuff really. I know that’s what I did, and now I’m writing this book. I would have laughed if you told me I was going to be writing a book a year ago. Laughing so hard I’d probably forget how to breath. I’m still laughing at it now. Bahahaha. God, what a joke this is.

I say ‘God’ as a form of disbelief, or blasphemy as religious people would call it. Yet I believe there is a scientific reason for everything, so saying ‘God’ is a joke as well. Actually now that I’m talking about it, let’s delve a little deeper into religion. No one with any brain between their ears truly knows there is a god. Nobody. That doesn’t mean that people that think they believe in it don’t have brains. The pope doesn’t know if it’s real, it’s just that is all he believes. All I’m saying is that they are just simply products of their environments and I don’t want to fill them with hate. Yet beliefs are neat, they are all we have. I’m just saying their wrong at the core.

Actually, I don’t think I really want to bring up religion at this point. Yet it is coming. So be prepared. I want you to know I believe in your right to believe what you want, but hopefully I can live my life long goal of killing god thru this book. Well no, I don’t want to change your beliefs, that would be wrong of me. Kinda like what religion has probably done to you. I hope instead to plant the seeds that grow into a great big love and compassion tree, that god will climb and hopefully fall. Reaching terminal velocity before the idea of god smashes into the ground, God will think about what it’s done to people. However that won’t happen because there is no god, but then the ‘idea’ of god has fallen and eventually in about 8000 years, they will be teaching kids about religion and they’ll all be having a great big laugh at it. I’ll go into this deeper, a lot deeper later on, mark my words.

So I haven’t really finished with physics, but I’ve finished the ‘learning’ part so you can relax. I hope my explanations worked, I tried to keep them really simple, I hope I haven’t got any of them wrong, but just check it out before you come up with any ideas on this stuff because I’m not 100% sure of any of it. So it’s back to physics and the end of year 9 (age 14ish) we go.

So at the end of learning all this stuff, we got an opportunity to go to CERN the Centre of European Research Nuclear. I think it’s actually written in French come to think about it. This was in Switzerland and France. Also while we we’re in the area: go to London and Cambridge. So all up it sounded like a pretty good trip, but we’d have to pay the air fares and stuff. So I got on my computer and emailed my dad. Did I mention that I wasn’t good at English? So I emailed my dad, and unfortunately this was the days where Spell check was limited to Word and a few other applications. I sent the email titled ‘Fisiks trip’. Which I thought was right, but apparently I was wrong. Yet despite this, my dad sent me anyway. Cheers dad!

So I packed all the shit I’d need, which wasn’t much just clothes and shit. Met the guys I was going with at the airport, and with the raw of jets we left. On the flight over I was sitting with Smiley and Rempster, discussing what animals would be good if we mixed them. A pigeon-dog we decided was the best. I have no idea why, but that is what was going thru our minds on the way to see CERN. Not the physics of anything, that would be far to logical, especially for me. Instead we decided to come up with some completely useless crap. Anyways I wanted to find out how they know about this stuff, not the stuff so much, that was made of nature. Just how did they figure it out.

For some reason I wasn’t into figuring it all out I figured I wasn’t smart enough to do that anyway, and I couldn’t do maths without a calculator. I used to think that ruled me out in a career of physics, and it probably still does. God damn it why can’t you use a calculator, it’s a tool that was invented to get rid of figuring the ‘maths’ out. Just like the pen was invented and used by English (or whatever), the calculator should be used by maths and physics. Stupid schooling, I hope to school the school as well. I’m all for education, just not the kind of archaic schooling style that we generally have today.

From a principal's publication, 1815:
"Students today depend on paper too much. They don’t know how to write on a slate without getting chalk dust all over themselves. They can't clean a slate properly. What will they do when they run out of paper?"

I just noticed that I’ve gone past 10,000 words. That is a miracle, and I’ve still got heaps to write about! Woohoo! The most I ever wrote for anything at school was five hundred words, and that I probably copped a C for. This won’t get marked, but I’m thinking at this stage it’s an A+ (or a F). Suck on that Mr Dessants. Bahahaha I’m writing a book, I still cop a kick out of that.

So eventually after the long flight to England, we changed planes to go to Switzerland. At this stage in the journey I had been awake for 30 hours or something, I know now that this isn’t a really long time to be awake for, but at that stage in my life a 10 hour day was long enough. So anyway, we taxi out to the runway to take off. Then we pulled in and parked. I asked Rempster what was going on with the flight? Why are we parking? To which he replied ‘ummm you’ve been asleep for a couple of hours, we’re in Switzerland. Well I’ll be fucked. Alto nothing to weird, I was confused for at least the next 5 minutes.

I also think I should take a minute now to tell you that this was me at my ‘educational’ peak. I mean, this was probably when I started to realise that the schooling system was majorly flawed. Most importantly Mr Brown (the teacher that led us on this trail of discovery) taught me to use my own mind, and not just to rely on teachers. Because they are like the rest of us, they don’t know anything either. So while I never stopped learning, this was the peak of my schooling.

So after spending a day or two visiting the large hadron (particle) detector, and joining physicists eat they’re breakfast, lunch and dinner. We eventually got to go inside and see ALICE, I can’t remember what that stands for, or even if it’s the right detector. So CERN is a huge underground tube spanning two (possibly three) countrys, where they shoot particles at particles at almost the speed of light. There collisions cause heaps of shit to go flying out. That is what the physicists are after, because you know that when two cars crash, you’ll end up with a huge scattering of parts to that car.

So anyways I got to go see one of these detectors being built, and I managed to score one of the light detecting panels, which I think I’ve still got at my mother’s place. This absolutely beautiful (well I think so) fluro-yellowish sheet of see thru plastic. Any way, it turned out that they had heaps of these sheets surrounding the collision chamber, and when a particle went thru it, it would give off a bit of light, the light was detected by the fluro piece of plastic, down fibre-optic cable to a receiver. So I had found out ‘how’ they did it. That was enough for me. My work here was done. So after doing that, I just really fucked around.

We went to Cambridge for a bit too, saw a whole heap of churches. I also had the strongest feeling of daja vu. You know that feeling you get where you have never been in the situation, but you’re having a ‘I remember this’ moment. Going on the train between London and Cambridge, it lasted a good minute or two. Very weird, but there is no science spent on it, they say it’s just your brain getting confused. Well it makes my mind still wonder why I had it then. Very weird, stupid brain. Oh and there was a really nice fudge shop near the university, highly recommended. So tasteh.

That’s probably about it for me and the education system. My last few years of high school was mainly spent doing sound and lighting for the school plays. I didn’t really care what any of the teachers thought of me. I was finally my own person, I only learnt a few things from my teachers in the final years of school. Useless stuff like Pavlov’s dogs, well done he proved that dogs think. Clap-clap. I’m not going into it, but if you need proof that dogs (and all animals) think like you and me, maybe reading up on this would be good.

So I’m just gonna mention the subjects I studied in year 12 (final year of high school, approaching the legal drinking age of 18, and also the right to vote. “Let’s get you pissed and see who you vote for” another fine tradition). So I did English, which was compulsory, and probably for the best. Math methods, which is of the medium hardness maths, and you still had to show your working out, and simply writing ‘calculator’ wasn’t an acceptable answer apparently. I found out later from Trent Fischer, another one of my friends from school, that you could write bullshit and as long as the answer was right. Damn I was stupid, why didn’t i think of that! Psychology, which was about how we think not why we think. Information technologies, which was about computers, but of course we weren’t allowed a computer during the exam. Last but not least, physics, which I got my best score for, but it was all Newtonian physics and that’s just plain simple.

I also remember asking James Thompson (Thommo) for a cigarette, he said ‘but you don’t smoke.’, ‘I do now’ I replied, so Thommo reluctantly gave me a cigarette. To which I broke it apart and threw it out, much to Thommo’s disapproval. God I was such an arsehole back in the day. I just say this, because, well things change: I became a smoker. I also remember David Greenman, who at age 18 was going out with a 16 year old. One day said to us while we were paying him out (giving him shit) for this, calling him a paedophile; “age is just a designated number fellas”. Very funny to think about still.

Very funny, but this is true with everyone you meet, no matter if they are twelve or 88. I only figured this out when I was in my mid-twenties. There used to be kids, adults, and grandparents. Then school ends, and then it’s like kids, young folk, middle aged, older aged and fucking ancient. Now it’s a mash because I know every ones the same, we’re all a pack of idiots, no matter what our age. Even if you’re the president of the USA… actually, well maybe more so if you’re president. Matter of fact, the song by Regurgitator ‘I sucked a lot of cock to get where I am’ comes to mind when I think of them hahaha.

So that’s about it from school, if physics taught me anything, it’s that we don’t know anything. It was all probabilities and possibility. Yet nothing was definite. So my final few years was filled with hatred of the schooling system, hatred for the church, hatred for the government, and of course, hatred of people. I couldn’t wait to start working: finally making money rather than paying money for that shitty school, being taught by idiots. Probably becoming an idiot if I listened to them.