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Education is very important to me, I mean, without it we would all be living beneath trees; Talking to no one. Think about that. Nah seriously though, we’d be absolutely fucked. Education is very important. Yet, not the way we all teach it. I have big problems with it, and I know that just ‘cos I had a hard time at school doesn’t mean my suggestions would work. Yet I want to suggest it anyways, because the school system didn’t work for me, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."
-Albert Einstein

So it started when I was about eight or nine at school. At this stage in my life I was really good at art and swimming. Yes I know that’s a sport, but it was about when I was ten and my mind did a backflip. Maybe I just became too sensible for it, who knows; but by the time I finished school I hated both art and sport. Probably because I liked the way the sciences evolve. Art evolves too; I just could not make sense of it. Unlike science, where the way it evolves kind of makes sense, to me anyways. Actually this was about the part of my life where sport and art got the axe.

So I was put in a remedial English class, when they figured out I wasn’t reading the books; I was only looking at the pictures, and figuring out was happening. Again, this is a skill that uses your imagination to fill in the gaps. Creativity people, it defines us as a species, and education lets us spread our ideas. So I didn’t really like English anymore. Not because of any reason; but because I was put into a remedial class. The reason I didn’t like being put in the remedial class was because I would cop shit off the ‘normal’ kids. Also it’s not like I couldn’t read, I just found reading really boring.

So after about a month or two I was back in the normal English class, they had finally released me. I also looked at it as if I shouldn’t have been there, a mistake made towards me. But as someone’s dad once said, “that’s the way the cookie crumbles”. This was probably the start of my distrust for authority. Again, I didn’t know it yet because at that time in my life, my mind raced ahead of me. It didn’t stop to think about all these things, why would it? Seemed like a waste of time to me.

So I just plodded along through school for the next few years, found that learning another language was extremely hard. Not only pointless, because to me; it seemed like the only language we used in this country was English, and too this day I have not been proven wrong. Yet it is totally impossible when you’re struggling to learn English at the same time.

So my brain switched off in the Chinese classes. Surprisingly though, I liked watching the Chinese cartoon ‘monkey magic’ during class occasionally. Even if that was in Chinese. Again, I was a visual learner; not an English style learner. So I could have properly learnt Chinese if I was given videos to watch for four years rather than learning how translate it to English, and then translate the English to my mind. I know that many problems stem from English language.

My maths scores suffered actually come to think about it, everything suffered at the hands of my English skills. I didn’t get the worst scores for it out of my class, but I was in the lower part of my English class all the way through school. Hell, I still don’t know what a verb or noun are. I’m so positive I’ve been told before, by friends, teachers and family; but I just can’t get it to stick in my head.

A lot like my left/right confusion. I always get them confused, I have to look at my hands to know. I got a little mole on my right hand that guides me, not because I have to do that spelling one with the left hand’s L for left. That wouldn’t really help me, they both look correct to me at a glance. It doesn’t matter how much I tell myself which ways right or left is, it just doesn’t get through to my mind. I always get people to literally point where to turn when I’m driving, but I think I’ve got good peripheral vision, and my spatial perception are really good. I also know that my long distance viewing is quite good. I’m talking about stuff now that’s irrelevant at school. Yet that’s kind of my point, but not the point; so I’ll come back to it.

Alright so in maths for instance, most of the questions involved English. For instance, if you had 5 apples and sold 1 apple, how many apples would you have left? That assumes way to much knowledge of English for a poor sucker like me. It’s certainly not as easy as 5-1=?. It’s exactly the same thing, but without the English requirements. I know maths teachers will be like ‘Well that provides a real world example.’ Yet that is not true, if I need to figure out that shit, I already know its 5 minus 1.

I’m not done yet on English; far from it. In year 12 when I was 18, in my final year of school, and final examinations, so there was heaps of pressure to do really well there. I saw it as a waste of time because I knew that in 7 years my ‘enter’ score would mean shit, and I could get in to any course I wanted. Yet I still tried, in as much as I went to pretty much every class, and payed a little bit of attention.

So I had to sit thru one ‘Information Technologies’ (ie. IT: Computer class), actually in year eleven, but I was doing a year twelve subject, not uncommon at Melbourne grammar. But I did two IT classes over two years, one in year 11 (age 17) one in year 12 (age 18), but they were both year 12 subjects. Anyways, both these subjects, much to my disgrace; you could not use a computer in the exams. Computer classes, no computers; how crazy is that? And yep, you guessed it; it was an English based exam.

They were all English based tests, I really hated that with a passion. Ok, here’s what me and my mate Joshua Archer (a trained music teacher, and all round bloke. I know he’s Canadian but we shouldn’t hold grudges based on that. Most of the time.) think the education system should be like. Yes it’s also Ken Robinsons (I hope I got that name right) ideas, and he’s got heaps of followers.

It should all end in about year six, about half of what the length of school is now, so when your about 11 or 12. Listen up to this teachers, we might get a whole heap less school shootings and the such. A whole lot of hate for the ‘system’ could be avoided. Yet they still have to go to, a place for higher learning for the last six years; ending when they turn about 18-ish.

At this place of higher learning, you get to choose what subjects you want to. You progress as you learn, not by your age. Totally choose all the subjects you want to do. Like no English, fine. No exams ever, actually they should be completely abolished from all schooling. By the way, in case you don’t know, they are completely hopeless for ranking the kids. If a kid’s mother dies the day before the test, he will obviously get a shitter mark because of it. Kids don’t need ranks that is silly. They rather need love and support.

You idiots think that drugging your kids to make them concentrate is better than not drugging them up. Think about it people, don’t you think that these kids are the types who are better at another form of learning environment. One that is more suited to them? That is, if you want to live in a drug free family. Argh damn teachers, my brother who’s a teacher says it will change, but in the next 20 years. I reckon that’s a conservative estimate; it will probably take a lot longer than that. Make it happen now people.

As Richard Feynman said you can know the names of a bird in heaps of languages, but you’ll still know nothing about the bird. So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing, that’s what counts.

"I don't know what's the matter with people: they don't learn by understanding, they learn by some other way — by rote or something. Their knowledge is so fragile!"
-Richard Feynman

Which actually, I thought I was done on this teacher rant. But obviously I got more shit to cover. I was thinking about it last night when I went to bed after I wrote the next paragraph on evolving. I’m not done on school, and the more thought I put into it, the more errors that lead to my hatred for schools.

That “I’m older than you, so therefore I know more than you” attitude has to stop. I hated it then, and I still hate it now. Nobody knows any more than the other. They might know words, or maths better; or any subject for that matter. Fuck that, you’re both as stupid as each other. Look deep into your soul and tell me you’re not as stupid as me; and your ego is too big if you say anything else.

Didn’t Einstein say everybody was a genius? But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree that it would spend its whole life thinking it’s stupid. I could not pick a better quote. I don’t think we’re all geniuses; I think that you’re stupid, I’m stupid, and everyone we see is stupid. That’s probably because I’ve spend my whole life being called an idiot, and I want to bring you all back down to size.

I suppose all I’m trying to do, is get the ‘competition’ out of it; as in all of life. I never got into sport really. It seemed to be too competitive with no purpose. Like with sport for instance, one team will win this year, but another one will win it the next year. After a few years, the old team will win it again. What’s the point in that? Now that does seem stupid to me. Anyways, I think I’m done on schooling now. Well, I don’t think I am. Maybe I’ll come back to this later on in life, but I doubt it.

We are still evolving as a species; it didn’t stop because we grew opposable thumbs. The education system needs to evolve too or it will get left behind. Just like governments, corporations, churches and the such, evolve people. In everything you do or you will become stale and old; like the religions of this world. Fucking evolve. I’ll get to them later on thou, fucking religions. What have you done for me lately? That’s my view on religions anyways.

Like I said at the start of this book, I don’t really know where this is going. We’ll I do. Hopefully it’s to explain the meaning of life to you all. That’s a big ask I know, because you’ll all be like ‘He doesn’t know my meaning of life’. That’s a valid point, no one can tell you how to live your life. No –one. Yet I’m fairly certain I got the ‘meaning’ of life thing in the bag.

So I wanted to add this at some stage, and now seems like a pretty good time, because it is 11:11. This time makes me think about the past, and the future. Alright, so when I was about sixteen-seventeenish I started noticing the clock was pretty much always at 11:11 or 12:34. I just thought that was just because I noticed the patterns when I looked at the clock. This went on for about six months to a year, and slowly died off again. I also assume, this was because I wasn’t searching for it. So like the wind; it blew away from me.

However, it must have been a satellite; because it’s back in my area of notice at the moment. Enter Gina Lewis. One of the nicest cunts you’ll ever meet. She is just down right lovely, and a very beautiful specimen too. However, I fear, she might just be a little bit of a hippie. Yet I can’t really speak. I never (or rarely) have showers and do smoke the occasional joint. (However we won’t hold that against me, because that’s not the point of this book.) Just like all hippies do. Yet, I wouldn’t consider myself a hippie, hippies don’t do anything but sit and talk. There is nothing I hate more than sitting and talking. Let’s get shit done people, and I’ll come back to this later on in the book. Gina would probably hate being called a hippie. Yet aren’t we all hippies down at our heart?

So Gina has been noticing 11:11 and 12:34 patterns in the time. Then it’s back. It’s back for me like a rash. This is why I called it a satellite by the way; for the not so knowledgeable. For the record, I stole it of Ben Folds when he used it to describe someone that he keeps seeing every few years out of the blue. Why life holds these satellites is weird. Everything is meant to happen for a reason. I’ll come back to this comment as well. Mainly because I certainly don’t mean that in the way religious people do. Idiots. Anyway Gina seems to think that it means “My spirit is on the right path” and because I don’t believe in spirits and souls and shit like that, I always blow it off as hippie mumbo-jumbo. I just look at it like coincidence. Really did people suffer from this before the digital clock was invented? Anyway, that’s just a bit of crap I thought I’d throw in, you know, for the word count. Yet it still provides me with curiosity. Which makes up all education as a matter of fact.

Alright, I’m going back to education in a hopefully not in a bullshit rant like before, just in an improvement for all you teachers stuck in the past. So I was talking to Josh (Joshua Archer), you know, my mate in education the other day, I can’t remember what we were talking about now, but that’s not the point I’m trying to get across is it? So we were talking about, why every car going past is a taxi. Josh said because the taxi storage park was probably nearby, and they were the cabs heading back to it. I however knew this was not true, but gave him an A+ for using his imagination. That’s exactly how it should work, use your brain, and get good marks. Don’t use your brain, get shitty marks. None of this: “whilst your ideas original, that answer is not correct” crap. Get rid of that pressure associated with school.

So Stella Browne, remember her from before I went on this rant about education? I think I’m getting better at juggling topics so you don’t get bored. Hopefully. Yet people that read this are going to get bored at the start and never finish it. So I laugh at them, and they laugh at me; and the world still goes round, my friend. Who gives a shit? I know I don’t. So Stella was very shy girl, but once you got to know her you could go into deep, deep convocations about the meaning of life and such. A very smart young lady.

So one day I’m going on a walk with Stella and we were talking about some deep philosophical shit and smoking ciggies when it got bought up that Stella until she was about ten she used to think that her parents had her sex changed because she liked ‘boy’ stuff, not ‘girl’ stuff. Why do I bring this up? Because it’s going to give me a segway into this gender barrier thingo. While we’re there well take a look at races too. Not those horse races or whatever, the humanistic races. You know, Jews, Blacks, Asians, Skips, Russians and the fine eskemos or wherever. Those races… and there are many more I’m sure. (Like sand-people, gringos, bargies, or whatever) I’ll come back to them.

So Stella opened a can of worms for me with that comment. Because you know, it was fairly hard to talk to your parents about it. Or even worse, you could talk to your mates about it. It sends a shiver down my spine thinking about it. I thought a similar thing. I bet you too have had a similar view at some point in your life. I think it is natural. Although I have no other persons input on this matter, I think it’s perfectly natural. Especially when you are young and you don’t know shit about shit… and know it. People that are ‘gender confused’ are just like me and her ages ago, I feel sorry for them; poor buggers. I have absolutely no qualms with anyone. ANYONE. Gay, straight, bi, I don’t care. I really don’t. As long as you’re a nice person, I’ll be your friend.

So the races, I use them as describing words. So once apon a time the white man sailed the world stealing land, enslaving the local populations. Yeah, I’m talking about the English and French dudes. These men were criminals, not national heroes. They should be treated as criminals. Just maybe, as these ‘heroes’ that ‘discovered’ the ‘new world’ were there on a purely scientific endeavour. Not that this is the case, because I have a feeling they got their funding from the governments/kings/whoever was in charge. So thus the blame I think, should go to them.

The reason they left to discover these ‘new worlds’ was of course resources. The “what’s out there drive” is a human function, actually, it’s an animal function to ask “what?” why else does the cat always like new things and the such, it’s asking itself “What’s this?”. Yet the money came from local resources, for foreign resources. Make no mistake about it. Like why did humans go to the moon? War, and resources (if they had discovered oil on the moon; I bet they would have kept going there).

We didn’t go there for something noble like humanity. Even if they we’re the first words on the moon. Ya know what I mean? If not, I suggest you study your histories, or, we are (as a people) are destined to repeat them. Yet either way, we’re still getting swallowed up by the sun in six billion years. So who really cares?