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So anyways, back to my love affair with documentaries. So after watching the first few seasons of ‘The Universe’ I got kinda bored with that series. They started talking about how life could of formed on distant far away planets and the future of we’re space travel will hopefully get. Whilst it is still cool to think about all of that, it wasn’t teaching me much. Well it wasn’t teaching me the stuff I wanted to know about.

Also I got a theory that life is all throughout space, including Europa one of Jupiter’s moons. Which I recon advanced life has formed deep beneath the icy crust of that world, and I think a lot of scientists also think that’s true. It has all the necessities to form life as we know it. I think in the future they will send a little rover (computer controlled spacecraft) to Europa, drill thru the massive ice sheets, and they will instantly know there is life there when a curious fish swims up to the camera they shove down the recently dug hole.

Yet I believe that life is pretty much everywhere in our solar system. We just haven’t been looking hard enough. Well that’s not true at all, some of us are looking really hard to find it. I believe life exists on the moon. Come to think about it, whys the moon just called the moon? Even Jupiter’s moons are named, why not our own? I think mooneh is a good idea. Back to the topic KP, I’m sorry about always going off on tangents from what I was talking about, but these ideas just keep on coming in and I got to let them out now or they’ll be gone forever.

So yeah, I believe that the moon hosts life. Even meteorites and comets, obviously a lot less life than we have here on earth. I also mean simple single celled life, not a multi-celled organism like yourself. Yet all the same; it’s my life and it’s my beliefs so what are you going to do about it?

So I started watching other documentaries on space. Whilst not really learning anything new, it was really good to be learning the same stuff again but from a different set of documentaries. It probably just drilled it into my little head. Which can’t be a bad thing at all. ‘In the shadow of the moon’ is a really, really, truly awesome documentary about the space race between the Americans and the Russians. Who I might add, we’re started up by the Nazi party.

Hold on, I’ll explain about this, because I think it is highly interesting and I’m not quite sure if it is said in that documentary. The Germans during World War 2 developed the V2 rocket to fire at the British and blow them up. Two of the main guys behind the science of the rocket that they used we’re originally given ‘SS’ status; that is Hitler’s special service for those who don’t know. Yes, that’s the same group of people that killed millions of Jews and, well everyone that stood in their way.

So these two guys when Germany started losing the war ripped of their SS badges and stopped wearing Hitler’s uniform because they feared for their lives. Which was fair enough,

I’d fear for my life if I was wearing a SS uniform today, let alone back then. Also, let’s not forget, that they we’re only wearing that uniform because they we’re great scientists, and their country recognised them. What would you do if your government offered you a special place in the country? You would say thank you and accept.

So these guys we’re working in the hills in Germany when the Russian’s and the American’s were coming, so they split up to counter the odds of them both getting killed. One went towards the Russians, and the other went towards the Americans. Lucky for them both, neither of them we’re killed. One was given a free, well almost free, ride to America. The other one was given the same to Russia. After all, they we’re just scientists, and both America and Russia wanted the designers of the infamous V2 rockets. One led the Russians in the development of their rocket program, and guess what the other one did? Yup, he led the Americans in their side of the rocket development. So really, either way, it was the Germans who launched sputnik (the first satellite), and it was the Germans who landed a man on the moon; with a little help of Americans. Just a little thought nugget for you.

Actually while I’m on it, I want to talk to you about Christopher Columbus the man who ‘discovered’ America, and James Cook, the man who discovered Australia. We all know that they discovered America and Australia on their travels from their British motherland. Yet we’re they the first ones in either Australia or America? No they weren’t. Both lands had their people, who had lived here and there respectively. The native American Indians, and the Aboriginals we’re both calling it their homes for thousands of years. What the fuck is that about? They we’re just the first westerners to land on their shores. Why aren’t we taught that at school? This is a problem, and in BOTH country’s these newly found westerners that call it home, get really mad with people ‘invading’ their countries looking for a better life than the ones they came from. Fuck you, get the fuck out of the Indians and Aboriginals land. How would you all feel if they started up on that rant? Not very good I bet. Pull yourselves together people. We’re all just earthlings people, nothing more, nothing less.

Sorry about that, just got my nickers in a twist over it. Just think about it though, search your feelings. You know it’s true. So anyways, yeah this was about the time that Clare broke up with me. Which left me in an awful state, not only was I sad about losing her, but two of the girls left home: leaving me to pay rent on an expensive apartment in South Yarra; it was a double blow. For those who don’t know South Yarra it is one of the most expensive places to live in Melbourne, in one of the most expensive cities in the world to live.

$2100 a month it was costing me. Which is about equivalent to a small bar of gold every week. So I bought a place in Armadale, one of the better and a little bit cheaper suburbs. Thank you Granny for leaving me with the deposit for the home loan. I’d still be renting if it wasn’t for you. I know your time has ended, but thanks all the same, you’re a life saver. That was saving me money compared to renting that place in South Yarra.

So where was I, did I mention that I broke up with Clare? I think I did, well I know I did, just filling up this book with words now. So anyways, to me, that was more religion that broke us up than anything else. Yet it was probably me, that was just Clare’s excuse to get rid of me. Either way, I vowed then to kill god. Again. Yet this time I had the maturity to realise that Richard Dawkins was going about it the wrong way, he was trying to kill the beast with his brain and trying to enlighten the people. Yet I know that’s impossible. As Friedrich Nietzsche said ‘Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed’. That my friends; is the reason that will never work.

So I came up with a ripper (a really good) of an idea. Yet at this time, I didn’t have any backbone for it. So my plan failed for the moment, well took a seat in the back of my mind anyways. I will get into this later on when I explain religion in a little bit. While I’m talking about it though, I will tell you the first little bit of it. Well I need to explain it from a Bill Hicks stand point, because he was really the cause behind it all at this stage.

Bill Hicks was a comedian but I like to call him a one of the true philosophers of his day. It’s funny because his ideas were the truth, and that made him really funny. There was no place he would not go. Anyway, the quote that got me started on the search for a religion was this: “Wouldn't you like to see a positive LSD story on the news? To base your decision on information rather than scare tactics and superstition? Perhaps? Wouldn't that be interesting? Just for once?... Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration – that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather.”

Whilst I did not believe him because I was still thinking like a scientist, the idea certainly made sense to me anyway. And more importantly, it made more sense to me that any of the religions at the time. So my religion was called ‘consciousness’, and well, it still is. So the idea of consciousness is you could be a full blown conscious believer, or a half cast: e.g. a conscious catholic, or conscious muslem, or conscious jew, etc. Because we all have our own beliefs, and we know that you too have your own beliefs.

You have the right to believe whatever you like, and being conscious of that instead of ‘hating’ all the non-believers and say they’re going to hell, you just accept that they have their beliefs. There is a need for all these ‘holy’ wars to stop. I’m not just talking about the ‘taliban’, I’m also talking about George W Bush who said ‘With god on our side we will defeat the taliban’ and the ‘In god we trust’ written on pretty much all the money in America. Why can’t we all just get along? I think it’s power, and religion makes them think that they are right, and the other side is sub human. The non-believers aren’t people, just like you. That is wrong, wrong, wrong. Pull yourselves together people. Get a grip.

So as I was saying previously, I kind of run out of space documentaries. I say that because after searching the internet for documentaries on space I couldn’t find any that I hadn’t watched. I know that’s a big claim to make but I’ve seen them all. Well pretty much every English documentary about it. Even one or two Russian documentaries with English subtitles. I had watched them all.

Thank god for the internet. Without it everything I’ve ever done in my life would be fairly pointless. Also a huge ‘thank you’ to all documentary film makers everywhere. I don’t think you guys get enough credit or money. Matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever spent any money watching them. Not that I could, but where do you go to buy and pay for documentaries? I’ve never looked actually because they all came for free with my internet connection, but yes they we’re probably pirated. Yet once again, thank you to the documentary makers for not finding them and blasting copyright all over them. I suppose the fact that you are learning is good enough for them. Just like me and this book. It probably will get copyrighted, but I’ll be the first one to put it up on the internet for you to read for free.

So after a while, I decided that the physics documentaries were the way to go. I started watching them, after about the first ten minutes, I was hooked. This made me realize the magnitude of my much earlier on trip to CERN in Geneva. Which I don’t think I really appreciated until about now. This was a turning point for me, I realised how lucky I was to get to see it all; only the people who were in the top of their universities and fields managed to get in and see it. Oh and the documentary film makers, but once again, probably only the top documentary filmmakers. CERN was a pretty cool place, but also it was fairly elitist. Which I hate now, but I didn’t really hate it then, well that’s probably not true. Yet you always hate anything you can’t get involved with and want to. It is annoying, like if I wanted to go see CERN now I would get told to fuck off. That’s a shame I think, surely they can find a volunteer to give guided tours. That’s free and maybe a kid with a creative mind will end up being a physicist because of it. Not only that but if you charge money for the tours, you might have a bigger budget to smash atoms together. Again, just a thought for all you stuck up physicists over there working on it.

So I should go back and discuss what I learnt during those physics documentaries, but I can’t really be bothered typing it, and I bet you can’t be bothered reading it. So I’ll leave Newton out of this, as well as Richard Feynman and all the other great physics. Although I really like Richard Feynman and his bongo playing antics in strip clubs. Or his little jokes during the Manhattan project, the super-secret project during World War 2. Actually I think I will go into that because I don’t think I did it before.

So Richard Feynman was working on the Atomic bomb, with some of the other great minds of that day. A lot of great minds actually, like the who’s who of physicists and quantum mechanics at the time. Atomic bombs are really cool by the way, however the evil use for them (e.g. killing people, radioactive burns, cancer, and all those other issues) is certainly not cool. So occasionally Richard Feynman, when he was not thinking of ways they could develop the bomb, or playing bongo drums at a strip club (yes I’m very serious about that, but his wife died when she was really young from some disease or something, so what would you do? Take up the bongos and head to a strip club; fair enough).

So, remember how I just said the super-secret project? Well it was, most of the people working at Los Alamos didn’t know what they we’re doing there, of the literally thousands of people working there, only a handful of people knew about the bomb. So Richard Feynman snuck around while his mates, those fellow physicists were out of their offices, pretended to steal their paperwork and make them think that spies had stolen their information. That little prankster Richard Feynman, that only got him arrested a few times. It was defiantly his childish creativity that also led to Feynman diagrams, that explain what happens down at a sub-atomic level. I love Richard Feynman, but not as much as I love Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was a brilliant man, not because he was a genius. In fact, he said that everyone was a genius. I think he couldn’t be more right. Even my cat is a genius how he can always land on his feet, or drink by pulling water up to his mouth with his tongue, not scooping it like a dog does is amazing. I couldn’t do either of them even if I tried. Well done Schnitzel (that’s the name of my cat dor your information, Schnitzel). His point was ‘if you judge intelligence by making one climb a tree, a fish would spend it’s whole life believing that it’s stupid’.

This is exactly what school did to me. Only I was lucky enough to pull myself out of that hole, we’ll I had the feeling most of my teachers we’re idiots. If you can’t do, teach; and if you can’t teach, become a PE (physical education, that’s a sport teacher for those who don’t know) teacher. My brothers actually one of them by the way. Just a little joke I have with a few of my mates, and mostly I believed it at school, now days less so, but my brother knows I believe it when I’m talking to him.

So uncle Albert (not really my uncle, just to make sure you know this) came up with e=mc2 and the theory of relativity. The e=mc2 thing is quite amazing considering they didn’t even know the speed of light (that’s the ‘c’ in it) at the stage when he came up with it. He also proposed the theory of relativity. Here’s almost an exact quote from uncle A to Charlie Chaplin the, well, I don’t know about this, but I wanna say the first real movie star. Well he said “If you’re spending time with a nice, gorgeous woman, time goes by really quickly. However when you put your hand on a hot stove, even seconds feel like forever. That is relativity.” Well put uncle Albert. This is one of hardest theories to rap your mind around. Yet that does it perfectly. It’s all relative. That’s probably a much better way to explain it rather than my way before with boats and stuff. Yet I also feel that was important, even if you didn’t get it.