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What is this all about?

Well, did I tell you, I have found that the meaning of life is to have your time.. What better way to keep your book evolving along with all of us, than to leave it up to all of you to evolve this book with you while you evolve.

Oh and we have facebook.

What's the religion all about?

Well if you understand that we are all one consciousness (the universe) experiencing itself subjectively. Then you would see us all as one: and you could call yourself 'Conscious'. You could become a Conscious Jew, a Conscious Muslim, Conscious Christian, Conscious Buddhist, Conscious Scientologist, I don't really give a shit. Or become like me- Conscious. I don't care about your religion: whatever you need to get you thru this life happy is all I want. I just want the 'My god is better than your god' argument to stop; we all know squat. Deal with it.

Oh and sweet, sweet tax-free income. Duh.

What are the rules for editing?

You want to know the rules for editing a page? Well, there are no rules. As long as you present a better story than the one that was there, and it still makes it's points, it's all good with me. You want me to be a magical pony for a bit that poos little tidbits of information; make it that way. As long as you keep it too the point: It's all just the evolution of time.

Even add your own story describing how you figured out it was all time. In that case: go nuts, have fun. I really don't give a shit. Just remember: It's gotta be about time. I will finish this lesson with a couple of quotes:

"Fuck literature."
-Ernest Hemingway

"Do do do do dingle zing a dong bong; Ba di ba da ba zumba crunga cong gone bad."
-Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chili Peppers (Multi-Grammy Award Winner)